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Cathal Greaney's guide to engine tuning, chassis tuning and performance related modifications to road and competition cars.

Use the main-menu above, and the sub-menu to the right to navigate through the site. Remember that new topics and trends are added regularly, so check back to see the latest and greatest from the world or engine tuning.

Based on my experience of upgrading and modifying cars, I have compiled a detailed guide, which will be useful both for technicians/mechanics in the business of modifying cars and for enthusiasts who are considering having their car upgraded.

I have tried to make the content as easy to read and as interesting as possible. My aim is to provide a good overview and to avoid going into too much detail on any one topic. For more detailed information on any of the areas covered, please give us a call and we can explain further, or see the references page, where you will find suggestions for further reading and a full list of all the material that I have found useful over the years.

All of the information presented is as accurate and relevant as possible, and any second hand data that is used is from recognised experts and/or from scientifically sourced experiments. Where applicable I have included charts, data tables and information from the best academic and technical journals and texts available. Also, I have avoided using any manufacturer specific data which may be biased towards any specific product or service.

I hope you enjoy using this resource and remember that I am always adding new topics so check back regularly to see the latest tests and info.

Cathal Greaney