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Cathal Greaney launches new training website 20.01.2007

Based in County Galway, TTM Ltd is involved in many aspects of Irish motorsport. Headed by Cathal Greaney, the company’s primary interests lie with engine management systems and offer three main services - training, installation of ECUs and mapping of ECUs to both road and rally cars.

TTM Ltd offer training for other tuning companies and motorsport professionals in both Ireland and the UK. This is a major part of their business, as TTM has the expertise to be able to train motorsport professionals on how to map engine management systems in road and rally cars. All of their mapping technicians and instructors are qualified up to degree or masters level, providing a more than adequate level of knowledge required. The company started organising these courses in November 2005 and to date they have already trained more than 60 students!

“We regularly run courses on different aspects of engine management and tuning,” Cathal said. “The two most popular courses we run are ‘Basic Engine Management’ and ‘Advanced Engine Management’. We also run more specialised courses for experts from the UK and Ireland. These include ‘Variable CAM Mapping’ and ‘Mapping for Motorsport’.”

In addition to training, TTM also fit and map ECUs to road and rally cars to extract their full capability in the power stakes. For the competition and rally market, the company has worked with a lot of Mitsubishi Evo and Impreza Group N rally cars, as well as a lot of Honda rally cars.

“Most of the new Civic two litre Group N machines currently on the national and international circuit have been mapped by us”, Cathal told Pacenotes. “We’ve actually done seven of them since last November. In power terms, we usually get a gain of up to 28bhp from these cars.”

For the road going market, TTM map a lot of quick road cars such as Evos, Imprezas, Skylines, Toyotas, Hondas and VAG cars. They can remap original ECUs or install brand new aftermarket brains. With experience of mapping cars as high as 800bhp, and with their own demo car mapped to 713bhp (650bhp at the wheels using Motec M800), TTM have a vast amount of experience in the mapping field!

“We’re also authorised dealers for Motec, Gems, Autronic, Pectel, Apexi, Omex, Hondata and HKS,” Cathal continued. “Plus we’re the only company in the country (north or south) authorised to fit and map the HKS FCon range of engine management systems. This involves experts coming from HKS Europe for three days to test our facilities and expertise. We’re also the only official Hondata dealer in the country. Again, this involves a similar process of experts coming from overseas and inspecting our company before granting the licence. No other Irish company has achieved this!”

11 Class Wins in the first half of 2006 25.06.2006
Our veriable CAM Honda ECU maps and turbo gpN ECU maps have helped our customers achieve success in the 2006 tarmac rally championships - CONGRATS !!!

Mile Deane takes honours in Cork 20.06.2006
D1 Drift Championship - Watergrass Hill, Cork. Mike Deane drove his immaculate Nissan RPS13 to a convincing victory in Watergrass Hill karting track in Cork.

Monaghan Stages Rally 16.05.2006
David Roe takes honours in Monaghan. Roe and co-driver Larry Hand drove a solid rally to claim class 3 vistory. David has what looks like an unassailable lead in class 3; he and Larry Hand are 16 points clear in the championship in their TTM mapped Honda Civic Type R.

Kerry Stages 2006 10.05.2006
1-2-3-4 Finish in Class 3 all mapped by TTM. Class 3 once again proved to be a tight battle in Kerry. David Roe took the honours followed by Galway men, Pat Callanan in his 2.0ltr Civic, Tom Cahill in the familiar Integra 1.8, and Tom Curley in another Civic Type R. All four cars mapped by TTM.