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Cathal Greaney - Home of engine tuning training and engine electronics training in the west of Ireland.

Whether for road or competition, we can train you to enhance your engine while keeping costs to a minimum and we can put together any package to suit your training needs. We offer a complete range of services, including training on the latest DynaPack 4wd Rolling Road, training on Engine management systems and piggyback add-on systems. Tuning can be a very individual area, different customers often require different characteristics from their engines, for this reason we recommend you contact us directly to discuss your training needs...

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Cathal Greaney offers training for other tuning companies and motorsport professionals in both Ireland and the UK.

This is a major part of our business, we have the expertise to be able to train motorsport professionals on how to map engine management systems in road and rally cars. [ click for more info ]

Our mapping technicians and instructors are qualified up to degree or masters level, providing a more than adequate level of knowledge required.
We regularly run courses on different aspects of engine management and tuning. The two most popular courses we run are ‘Basic Engine Management’ and ‘Advanced Engine Management’. We also run more specialised courses, these include ‘Variable CAM Mapping’ and ‘Mapping for Motorsport’.”
Courses T1 to T6 consist of three sessions,
each lasting two hours.

We normally hold these courses on Mon/Wed/Fri from 7pm to 9pm or if there is sufficient demand we hold the course over one day – usually a Monday.
Courses P1 to P9 are practical courses
and are done on our 4wd dyno.

Some knowledge of engine management systems is required prior to doing these courses. Ideally you need to have courses T1 and T2 completed before doing one of the practical courses.
Prices are as follows:

T1/T2/T3 150 euro per person (max 7 per course).
T4/T5/T6 200 euro per person (max 5 per course).
P1 400 euro (max 2 people)
P2/P3/P4 700 euro (one on one)
P5/P6 800 euro (one on one)
P7/P8/P9 900 euro (one on one)

For the practical courses, the student would normally have a car lined up which they intend to use during the course.

eg. for course P1, students often use their own Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic(or a car belonging to a customer of theirs who wants to get the car mapped).

eg. for course P6, students will often have a customers or friends Evo or Subaru lined up which requires a Motec ECU.

By doing this, the cost of the practical courses will partly pay for themselves because you are getting a car mapped up which otherwise would cost over 500 euro to do.
For course availability/booking and any further information,
please ring our office at +353 (0)91 738 188.
Cathal Greaney,
TTM Ltd.

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